Merchant Services

Unified Payment Services Limited is the joint acquirer of Visa card transactions at all merchant locations in Nigeria, be it at physical Point of Sale (PoS) or virtually on the Internet. By this service, merchants in Nigeria now have the unique opportunity to offer their goods and services for sale to the global community of over 1.6 billion Visa cardholders, either through the Internet or at their physical outlets.

In our pursuit to provide utmost value to stakeholders in today’s marketplace, we enhance commerce by assisting our merchants to accept payment cards; be it credit, debit or prepaid.

Whether you run a small retail storefront, or a multi-lane convenience store, we at Unified Payment Services Limited will provide your business with a comprehensive payment processing solution that will simplify your operations and keep your customers coming back.

We offer a rich bouquet of payment processing solutions because we know choosing the right system to accept payment cards can be sometimes puzzling for a new merchant. This is why we have made it our task to help your business get started on the right foot.


  • Airtime recharge
  • B2B-PS
  • Bill Payment
  • Revenue Collections
  • Funds transfer

Services & Solutions:

  • One stop shop
  • Lifestyle solutions
  • PoS solutions
  • Meeting customer needs
  • Settlement
  • Support


  • PoS
  • Web
  • PoS solutions
  • ATM
  • Mobile

From customers who want to physically visit your outlet to those who want to visit remotely, from the confines of their homes, Unified Payments provides solutions that are unique, fast, secure, reliable and effective. We continuously strive to deliver the best to our customers and stakeholders by ensuring that we are there with them, walking through with them all the way.

Businesses that accept payments with cards know that it’s smart business. It helps to lower outstanding receivables, improve cash flow, and reduce collection costs and bad debt.

We have a suite of solutions tailored to meet your taste and specific needs:

PoS Purchases –allows merchants /businesses to accept payment for their goods and services through the PoS.

PoS Payments-allows citizens / customers pay for revenue collections using the PoS

PoS Solutions –other solutions tailored to meet the taste buds of specific customers e.g, Embassies, Churches, T&E, B2B, Airlines, Loyalty, Churches, Hospitals, etc

E-commerce -the world wide gateway that allows you to reach as many cardholder customers as possible to ensure you are visible not only to a few but a wide customer audience through connections that help to bridge the gap and break frontiers in business relationships delivering convenience to your customers.

Security & Compliance – Our PoS terminals are PED certified. We invest in tools and technology that protect our clients’ data within the transaction cycle. We are PCI DSS certified and always ensure that we meet card payment industry set rules and standard geared towards customer protection and comfort.

Settlement Reports—These comprehensive reports facilitate your financial institution’s daily /T+2 settlement and reconciliation process. Settlement report subtotals are configured to meet your financial institution’s needs and are available by device and/or any grouping of devices (e.g., terminals can be grouped by state, geographic region, or merchant/business partner).

Help desk – We have a robust and well trained customer care team who will attend to your requests professionally and timely.

From acceptance procedures to resolving disputes, we’ve compiled the essential information and comprehensive support you need to succeed as a merchant on Unified Payment’s platform.